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Insoluble sulfur (Insoluble sulphur) HDOT20

  • Product NameInsoluble sulfur (Insoluble sulphur) HDOT20
    CAS No.9035-99-8
    Min Quantity1.00Metric Tons
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    Detailed Description

    Insoluble sulfur (Insoluble sulphur) HDOT20 (Crystex HDOT20)

    Technical Specification:
    Appearance: Non-dusting yellow powder.
    Total Sulfur Content %: 80.0±1.0
    Insoluble Sulfur (On total Sulfur) % ≥: 90
    Thermal stability (105℃x15min) % ≥: 80
    Thermal stability (120℃x15min) % ≥: 45
    Oil Content%: 20.0±1.0
    Acidity (H2SO4) % ≤: 0.05
    Heating Loss (60℃x4h) % ≤: 0.50
    Ash Content %: 0.15
    Fineness (100 mesh) % ≥: 99.5
    Total Capacity: 20000MT/Year

    1. The compound will be non-blooming during the storage period, can maintain uniform performance of rubber components, overcome the compound disadvantage of poor adhesion because of blooming, and prevent the pollution of rubber products and molds.
    2. There is no transfer phenomena in adjacent fillet, maintain the surface viscosity of compound
    3. Reduce scorching in the process of mixing and storage.
    4. Shorten curing time and reduce sulfur usage to improve the ageing performance of rubber products.
    5. Increase the adhesion between rubber and other materials.
    6. In addition to the above advantages of HDOT20 products, which is also has high thermal stability, high dispersion and the most resistant to convert or restore to ordinary sulfur in the rubber processing temperature, so it can improve the safety and dispersion when compound refining in a high temperature.

    1. HD-OT20 products are widely used in natural rubber and various synthetic rubbers.
    2. It is can be used for manufacturing tires, rubber belt, rubber tube, seals and other rubber products, especially for radial tire.

    Packaging and storage:
    1. It is wrapped in PP woven bag lined with PE plastic bag, net weight is 25Kg/bag.
    2. It should be stored in a dry, clean and cool warehouse; storage temperature should be no more than 40℃. Precautions against fire, moisture, heat and compression agglomerate.
    It cannot be mixed with alkaline and amine substance.
    3. Shelf life is one year.


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  • Insoluble sulfur (Insoluble sulphur) HDOT20
  • Insoluble sulfur (Insoluble sulphur) HDOT20